Hi, my name's Aaron

I'm a visual designer from the UK

I’m a 24 year old web & user interface designer from the North East of England, with over 7 years industry experience. I’m currently focussing on helping passionate individuals and small startup companies reach a greater online presence, strengthening their businesses through the use of great design. 

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects in a variety of styles, from graphic heavy interfaces, right through to the simplest of sites and love nothing more then finding creative solutions to challenging problems. My preferred design style is clean and professional, but never boring! 

Along with web and user interface design I have experience designing logos, icons, apps and eCommerce stores.

I was nominated as the Young designer of the year by .Net magazine in 2011 and have been featured in many design blogs throughout my career. I enjoy skiing, going to the gym, good food and bad jokes!

Looking for a designer?

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