Distiinct Media

A new breed of digital agency. Specialising in the creation of mobile apps, and music production.


I was hired to design a responsive website and unique brand identity for this new media start up, who specialise in the creation of non-intrusive, mobile advertising and exclusive mobile apps. In total the project consisted of 8 unique page designs, optimised for various viewports.


Client Testimonial

I have hired Aaron for design work several times over the many years I have known him, and his work always exceeds my expectations. Whenever my corporations need design work, ranging from websites, to mobile applications, user interfaces, advertisements, newsletters and more, I have always relied on Aaron and the results never fail to amaze me! He is one of the most trustworthy guys I know in the design industry and the most reliable designer I have worked with in my many years in business. A pleasure to work with!

-Jonathan Stephens
CEO/Founder Distiinct Media Ltd

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