Funky Jumpers

A leading supplier of Funky Christmas Jumpers, worldwide


I've been working closely with Fabio and the Funky team since 2012 when I was hired to redesign their existing website. The following year, after a successful 2013 launch I was hired again to design the new website and online presence for Funky. The result was a fully responsive eCommerce store, and a host of online and offline marketing materials enabling the client to reach an even greater market. The Funky brand has grown year on year and I'm still working closely with the team to develop fresh new ideas to keep them ahead as the leading Christmas jumper supplier.


Along with multiple homepage adaptations based on analytical feedback, bespoke checkout process and product listing pages I've also helped the team with ongoing support since launching. From Facebook competition graphics, to promotional shop signs, Google adverts, stickers, even printed A3 posters.


Client Testimonial

I found a site I really liked and managed to find the designer (Aaron) who I thought would do a great job of revamping our jumper site. Luckily enough Aaron could squeeze in the redesign. I am very satisfied with Aaron’s quality of work, his time management and his communication with us. Everything has gone smooth, our coders found his files easy to work with and everyone who has been shown the site are very impressed. Already we are planning much more work for Aaron.

-Fabio Molle
Owner, Funky Christmas Jumpers

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